1. Parking - are visitors likely to park in the surrounding roads?

    The proposal allows for on site parking that is in line with local planning standards and as discussed with Ealing Council.On site parking provision is proportionate to expected hotel occupancy levels taking into account the varying transport mediums available in the area for example public transport (bus and train), hotel shuttle minibus and taxi.Hotel guests arriving from Heathrow will be visiting for short stay business trips and are likely to use public transport, taxi or hotel shuttle minibus.The aim was to find a balance between providing parking but not actively encouraging guests to drive.

  2. Traffic - what impact will this have on local roads and the roundabout?

    It is well known that the surrounding roads have a tendency to grind to a halt throughout the day.When different options were considered for regenerating the site, hotel use was most feasible when compared to homes which in comparison would generate peak traffic use driven by the need for each home on average requiring access to a car.Hotel staff will be encouraged to travel to work via sustainable mediums and will be provided with the means for doing so, for example, subsidised public transport, safe and secure cycle storage, dedicated rooms for changing and storing equipment etc.Where possible, we will work with Ealing Council to identify areas for improving safety and congestion through financial contributions, particularly the underpass to the roundabout.

  3. Crime - there is already significant crime in the area, will this add to it?

    The hotel will have 24 hour surveillance therefore expected to significantly deter crime. It will be actively manned with on-site security and staff.The proposal includes the creation of a safe and well lit walkway through the site away from the roundabout and traffic.

  4. Proximity - I live near the site, what impact will this have on my property?

    The proposal is a significant step towards regenerating the local area. The expectation is that the hotel will kick start further investment and appreciation in real estate value.Expert daylight and sunlight consultants have run a number of technical studies to ensure those living near the hotel will not be affected by loss of both daylight and sunlight; the proposal is in line with local planning standards in this regard.Windows are angled to prevent overlooking and any operational noise will be attenuated.

  5. Local Benefits - what’s in it for me and the community?

    Restoration and enhancement of the grade II listed White Hart pubic house.Kick start regeneration of the site and wider area.Local businesses are likely to thrive with the additional business created.Creation of employment opportunities in the hotel and related external services sector.Quality facilities available to the community - rooftop restaurant, cafe, bar, conference rooms, local stay for visiting family.2-3 Star hotel with reasonable prices throughout.Clean up of the site and local area.

  6. Construction - what is being done about the impact of construction on my property and wellbeing?

    Noise and disruption will be minimised during construction and with agreement from the Council: construction vehicles will be routed, noise and dust will be suppressed, construction timetables agreed and off-site construction will be maximised.

  7. Removal of Rubbish - when will the debris on site be cleared?

    The rubbish was left by travellers and squatters who occupied the site illegally, this will be completely removed as part of the development of the site.